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1909 Features that are not Part of Windows 10 November 2019 Update

Wondering about the features removed in Windows 10 November 2019 update? The bi-annual release obviously brings with them several new functions that improve performance, enhances efficiency and usability and would be important for security or system functioning, etc. However, new features, tweaks, and changes undoubtedly mean the removal of old, obsolete and non-helpful ones as the advanced ones replace them.

1909 or 19H2 is the second feature update of 2019. It, however, isn’t as comprehensive as 19H1 was. Microsoft had released the list of functionalities removed or replaced by these bi-annual releases since 1703. So, what attributes are being eliminated in the wake of 1909, if any? Well, the November 2019 update doesn’t make any big cuts on old features. The list just contains 2 removed attributes. Of course, the prior versions had been much more brutal.

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The following features and functionalities stand eliminated in Windows 10 version 1909.

  • Peer Name Resolution Protocol  (PNRP) APIs
  • Peer Name Resolution Protocol cloud service went away in Windows 10, version 1809. Microsoft is removing the corresponding APIs to complete the PNRP removal process.

Taskbar settings roaming

Users can bid the roaming of taskbar settings goodbye in this release. In the course of the update to Windows version 1903, Microsoft listed this very feature in the ‘depreciated’ list, which means, there is no further development on the feature.

While these are the removed functionalities as of now, few more functions have been disclosed as ‘depreciated’. It means, they won’t be getting updates and the developer would most probably eliminate them with future packages. The ‘depreciated’ functions include Text Services Framework (TFS) 1 TFS 2 IME (TSF3 IME will be taking the place of these in a future release), My People/People in the Shell, the Language Community tab in Feedback Hub, Hyper-V vSwitch on LBFO and also, Package State Roaming (PSR).

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