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Method to Install Windows 10 Using Rufus

In case you wish to prefer dual boot or clean upgradation with ISO image file, Rufus comes into the picture. Earlier Rufus worked only for single boot but now it works with dual boot.

To accomplish a dual boot or clean install, you initially need to download the Windows 10 ISO image for either 32-bit or 64-bit as per preference. After downloading it, the next job is to make a bootable media using any of the application available in the market preferably Rufus, the most famous and reliable one.

Methods to Install Windows 10 Using Rufus

Before beginning to use Rufus remember to use a pen drive which is more than 4 GB. It is so because the ISO file is always a 4GB one. Now download and follow the method and steps to install the application. In case you look forward to a cleaner and a better OS then move ahead with Rufus now.

The further details about the utility is here - How to Use Rufus to Install Windows 10

Method to Install Windows 10 Using Rufus

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