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How to Manage FB pages on Android: Pages Manager

 Pages Manager is a free app provided to you on Android Smartphone using which you can manage n number of pages simultaneously. If you are in the world of Business, promoting your business through FB pages is an important thing that you can do. It could never be denied that FB has become a fast-growing platform to shoot up your business in the initial phase as it comprises Million+ users all over the world.

Similar is the situation if you are going for brand promotion, TV series promotion, etc. Even if you are a normal user, you can create a unique page and start sharing your thoughts or creativity through FB pages. Creating a page is a very easy task; however, making continuum to run that page is a tedious task.

If you have already created a FB page and finding it very difficult to keep it running using Mobile, You can read this article on how to boost up your page and how to operate it without facing net issues. At first, you need to download a FB Pages Manager app from the Google Play Store.

How to use and run this app

Once you have this app installed on your device, run this app on your Smartphone by tapping on its icon. This will open a window showing the main menu of your particular page. If you are using this app for the first time, you have to put down your initials i.e. User-id (Facebook email-id/ Mobile Number) and password to open this app. A screenshot of this app is shown below.

Here in the first Slide, you could see a three dotted line at the right topmost corner. Click on this icon to open Settings option, where you could do many things related to page whether it is updating page info, editing page roles, viewing activity log and many others.

You could also add contact info on this app, if you don’t want yourself to be secret and let people know who you are and what your expectations about this app are. To add a new photo/ video, click on the Blue colored icon which is encircled in black rectangle.

This will open up a new window where you could either put a post to be published right now or assign a schedule to this post. When scheduling, the photo will upload itself at its assigned date and time.

How to boost up your Page

The two important parameters of this app are likes and Views. If any one of them is increasing, it implies your page is reaching to the people. You can increase either of them by Inviting Friends to like your Page. The Stronger you have the connection over Social media sites; more is the chance of your page being noticed.

Initially, it all depends on your strength of social strength. However, at later stage it all depends on the contents of your page, its authenticity and regularity. You must be regular if you want to reach huge number of audiences. If you don’t have that much kind of recognition on Social Media sites, you should opt for promoting your websites which is shown in the next screenshot in its second slide (bottom).

One yet another important thing to boost up your page is to interact with your users. This will make them come again and again as it provides interaction between you as Admin and them as your Followers.

There is an Insight option available on this app that lets you see your overall progress whether it is your Total page likes, new likes, Total Reach, people engaged etc. This will give you a rough idea about in which direction your page is going and you can think upon those constructs which would even increase your viewership, likes, etc.

You could always track down the activities going on your page through notification icon similar to that of FB.


Pages Manager App is indeed a very nice app on Android. It not only makes your work easier but you could also look for anything substantial right in your hand. There is no need of opening your PC and looking for what happening on your pages. At any stage, PC will spend more MB of yours than a Normal Smartphone. Use this app for yourself and write to us your valuable comments.

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How to Scan Any File, Picture on Android: CamScanner

CamScanner is a free app of Android which helps you in scanning any files or pictures present in your Smartphone or just by taking it now. Basically, CamScanner is a portable scanner that you can bring anywhere along with you. It lets you scan all your paper documents, receipts, notes, etc. which could be easily archived at any point of time. Scanning files or pictures often cost you a hefty sum of money. With this beautiful app of Android, you can save all your money which would be wasted otherwise on scanning documents.

You could also upgrade this app to the premium account and enjoy different exciting features which are normally banned for free users. The documents scanned using this app could be stored in your SD Card and they could be searched upon when they are going to be used.

To have this app, search CamScanner on Google Play Store. This is a normal app and would not take more than 10 MB of your internal Storage.

How to Use this app

Once you are done with downloading its .apk file and installation, you can open this app by tapping on its icon present on your Mobile Screen. For the first-time Users, it would ask to create your own account. Make sure to attach your Mobile Number to this app so that your account is verified by some OTP.

If you have a personal account, no one could see your details as it would be password protected and you could see the files stored in your account at any point of time in future. You could also skip the registration process and could do this part at a later stage. I would suggest you make your account as it would be pretty easy then afterward. Once you are done with this stage and move forward a simple interface will open up just like the below shown screenshot.

The necessary details of this app are mentioned in the screenshot above like: - Gallery which could be used to bring pictures, Camera to take a new picture and the Cart Symbol which is for Premium users only. All these three options are shown at the bottom of the first slide.

Taking picture is pretty easy. All you have to do is to click on Camera option and will start focussing the area which comes under the focal length of Camera.

Adjust the camera flash mode and take a picture or you could also opt for the existed image by choosing Gallery. The image taken by the Camera or selected would be cropped by default. You can also crop it manually by dragging the four vertices. After editing, just save it and your document is ready as a scanned file. That’s it. Isn’t it pretty Simple?


The images taken by your camera or the pictures already present in the Gallery could be edited easily using the above shown method. You can choose Auto, Lighten, Magic colour, etc. as per your wish and see whether it serves your quest or not.

There are some other features too which are described below:

  1. By tapping Share, you can send the document to your friends using email option or some other apps already installed in your Android like - Whatsapp, FB
  2. By tapping Upload, you can upload the PDF files on your account in Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote, etc.
  3. It provides free MB for actions like - Registration, Review Writing, Following, Inviting Friends
  4. It also gives you proper security from unauthorized person.
  5. Its Export PDF Files option could be used to convert any document to PDF Files.


CamScanner is one of the finest apps on Smartphone and that too freely available. Mere the presence of this app could relax you as it is always there and you could get dozens of work done with the help of this app without even going to a Shop having Scanner. Use this app yourself and tell us your views in the comment box below.

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How to lock your Personal Photo and Video: Gallery Lock

 Gallery Lock is a very app of Android which allows you to safeguard your personal pictures and videos at a secure place. The interface of this app is pretty simple but attractive. The most important thing about this app is that it doesn’t take too much your internal storage space which is usually taken by other Locks available in the market like: - App Lock, Smart Lock etc.

Protecting some of our pictures or videos is the need of the hour. There are so many stuffs which we used to keep in our Smartphone which might seem to be okay in our friend circle. However, the same stuff when released among our family members would haunt us. This is why everyone wants to either lock or hide some of their stuff from the reach of everyone. There could also be some pictures related to Business which is not be seen by everyone.

Some people often forget their password to access FB account, Gmail etc. One thing you can do here is to write down your password against the user-id, take a screenshot of this and save it to the Security Cards Section. Gallery Lock is one such app that would provide ultimate protection to your files unless you use a weak or very common password. You can have this app by searching for Gallery Lock in Google Play Store.

How to Use this Safeguarding App

Once you have installed this app on your device, open this by tapping on its icon present in the download section of your mobile. For the first time, it will show a number lock pad along with initial password on the screen. Use this password to open the lock of this app for the first time. Remember to change its default password by clicking on Settings option which is shown in the above screenshot (second slide).

You could also add new folder on this app. Just go to the leftmost bottom of the above screenshot. Here, you will see “Add Folder” option. Click on it and you were asked to give any particular name to the folder otherwise it would be named New Folder by default.

To add any photo or video to this app, first, you have to open the folder in which you would like to keep the respective photo or video. Here in the below-shown screenshot, I have opened Business folder and going to add some Pictures. You could also adjust some of the default settings of this app like: - View Mode, Take pictures/ Shoot vids and Sort By. All of these settings are shown below along with their icon to reach there.

Rest of all the actions of this app is very simple and doesn’t require any introduction. Install this app today itself and secure your personal photos/ Business Photos at one place.


Gallery Lock is one of the most used Locking apps with 3Lakh+ download. If you are looking for a lightweight locking app which provides up-to-date protection to your files kept inside, Gallery Lock might end the quest to your findings. Use this app on your smartphone, and let us know your views about this app in the comment box below.

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How to play effectively City Jump Game on Android

 City Jump is a free android gaming app. The basic principle behind this game is very simple. All you have to do is to Run and that too nonstop. In between the games, hurdles or obstacles continue to come and you have to safe yourself from all of them. Like any other game, there are also some power boosters provided in this game which would help you to increase the score point. A shield is also present in between the game which brings you one extra life.

The interface of this game is simple but attractive. Once get addicted, you would always want to score high and even higher. There is no end to this game like - Temple Run, Subway Surfer, etc. It is in some way more complex as compared to the games mentioned. This is because here, you have to keep on tapping and the more you reach higher, no of obstacles as well as hurdles increase.

Search for City Jump in Google Play Store and install this app on to your Smartphone directly.

How to play this game

Once you have installed this gaming app on to your Smartphone, tap on its icon to open the game. A new window just like the first slide of below shown screenshot will open up on your Mobile.

When you click on Play button, a new window will open just like the 2nd Slide shown above. Here, you can opt between three games, The Origin, Xmas Fantasy, and the Story Mode. While the first two games have different set-ups and styles, the third mode i.e. Story Mode is a combination of the first two games and makes up a simple story.

For new users, it would be good if he/she starts playing with the “The Origin” mode as this one is more exciting and its interface is prettier than the latter. Even the power-ups used in this mode are of thrilling one like: - The Superman, Invisible Man and the Hulk. A screenshot is shown below which consists of all the different power-ups being used in this mode. While the invisible man and Hulk are for there for few seconds once formed, Superman is for a few seconds more as compared to earlier ones.

For getting any power booster, you have to break one type of booster three times consecutively. This is the basic idea. Even if you break up two boosters of the same kind and then break another booster, your previous count would be lost and you have to start fresh. There are hurdles to present out there on the wall. You have to stay out of them and never get close to them otherwise, you would lose the game.

The power-ups being used in the Xmas Fantasy are of a simpler type and they are Round Snow, Deer, and Disc. A screenshot of these power-ups are shown below:

While the first slide belongs to the “The Origin” mode game, rest two belongs to “Xmas Fantasy”. The first slide shows the use of shield. They are present there in middle of the game. Once you have taken them, you get one more life i.e. even you hit with the hurdles present on the wall or obstacles running here and there you would lose shield not life.

Note: - You have to keep yourself patient and focus on three things at one glance in any run. They are following.

  1. Keeps on tapping as otherwise, you will hit yourself against any hurdle.
  2. Focus on obstacles falling from the sky and try to grab the shield as it gives you one more life.
  3. Take any of the different boosters three times as it will increase your speed drastically.


City Jump is one of the best gaming apps on Android smartphone. This is a game of proper concentration, frequent decision making, the ability to think beforehand, etc. In other words, it is a Mind Game rather than just a Running Game and making Big Scores. Play this game yourself and tell us your insights about this game in Comment Box.

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How to Read the Hindu Paper Online: - The Hindu

 The Hindu is a free app of Android which helps its users to read current news from all sections whether it is Top Stories, Breaking News, Technology, Sciences, etc. There is no doubt that The Hindu is the best Newspaper all across India. The news provided in this paper is of standard one whether it comes from Editorial, Spiritual or International.

However, there is one problem related to this paper and that is it often reaches after one day from its actual day of publishing. This is really a little frustrating. While the contents of this Paper are awesome, but reading about news which we already know one day before is a little boring. Example: - News related to Sports, Share Markets, etc. It all occurs because of the timing adjustment in distributions.

The Hindu app in contrary doesn’t follow the same path and provides NEWS at an appropriate time. It consists of various sections starting from Top Stories to Business. All you have to do is to go to Google Play Store, search for “The Hindu”, and Install it on your Smartphone. This is a very lightweight app.

How to Use this App

Once you have installed this app on your smartphone, open this app by tapping on its Icon. This will open a window that would ask you to opt for different sections. The sections to which you opt initially will be displayed on your main menu. You don’t need to worry right now as it could also be adjusted afterward. Just select a few of them and press ok. You can add or remove different sections at some later stage too which is explained at the end of the article.

Once you are done with the selection of different sections, it will open a window which is shown below in the screenshot.

Scrolling down will open the next screen as shown side by side in the above screenshot. In similar way, keep scrolling and you will get new topics. Here, you can see all the news is from recent ones. You could also look out for older news by selecting any particular section and keep scrolling down.

These topics are from the sections which you had opted right after the opening of this App for the first time. To change these sections, go directly to the bottom of the Main Menu. There you will find an option of “Add Sections”. Click on this option and it will open a new screen which is shown below:

This will open the Settings Section of this App. Here, you can see tick against the Top Stories, Breaking News. All you have to do is to scroll down and tick against the section from which you want to receive the news or untick those section which doesn’t interest you. This is pretty simple, isn’t it?

Again if you want to use this app at the night, you could always turn on the button against the Night Mode. There is yet another interesting option present in Settings which is Notifications. If you want current news to be displayed as a notification on your Smartphone, just do the same as you did it for Night Mode.

At any time if you want to explore this app and look out for some news other than the ones you had already selected, you can click on the three-lined option. This will open the following Window with Sections and Subsections.

Here, you can see lots of sections starting from Home to Features and even more. Most of the Section consists of various sub-sections like: - Sport Comprises of Cricket, Football, Tennis, etc. Just go here and there and enjoy reading The Hindu paper right into your hand.


The Hindu app brings The Hindu paper right into your hand without any charge and time delay. What could be even better than this? This app provides you News from different sections whether it is Entertainment, Technology, Politics, etc. Download this app and write your views about this app in the comment box below.

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How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge using PowerShell or CMD

 Previously you could remove the built-in browser Microsoft Edge from Windows Settings easily. But from when the stable version is being delivered via Windows update you cannot find the option in Apps & features or Program & features that lets the app uninstall. Instead, you can see dead links there to Modify and Uninstall Microsoft Edge.

Here Windows PowerShell comes into play that allows you to remove Microsoft Edge again very easily. The only task you need is to locate the full package names and then run a cmdlet for complete uninstallation. See the method -

Uninstall Microsoft Edge PowerShell

Here is How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge using PowerShell in Windows 10 -

Click the Search on the taskbar and type - powershell.

Select the Yes when User account control dialog prompts.

Copy the text - get-appxpackage *edge*.

Paste it into the PowerShell.

Press the - Enter.

You will notice a list having every Microsoft Edge version such as Stable, Dev, Beta, Canary in return.

Copy the PackageFullName under the name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge.

Now Type remove-appxpackage” and press space on your keyboard.

Paste PackageFullName after that.

The full command will be like

remove-appxpackage Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_44.19041.423.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe

Note - Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_44.19041.423.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe is my PackageFullName.

Paste the command into Windows PowerShell after PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> and hit Enter.

Sometimes this PowerShell method does not work to Uninstall Microsoft Edge. However, don't worry, you can still remove the built-in web browser using command prompt on Windows 10 very easily.  See further -

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge using CMD Command Prompt

Press the Win+R and paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\.

Hit the - Enter.

You will see a list of folders including the one similar to “85.0.564.63”.

Now, Press Win+S and then type cmd.

Select Run as administrator from the right pane of the result.

Paste the following text in the command prompt -

cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\85.0.564.63\Installer"

Replace 85.0.564.63 with your folder name found in step 2 and press Enter.

Next, enter the following command -

“setup.exe –uninstall –system-level –verbose-logging –force-uninstall”

This will fortunately Uninstall Microsoft Edge in a few seconds.

But one drawback of this method is the legacy Microsoft will be restored automatically after the removal of the Chromium version. Again not to worry about because you are able to uninstall the old Microsoft Edge in a couple of steps.

How to Uninstall the restored classic Microsoft Edge

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Fix Network Printing Error #283, 0x00000709, 0x0000011 KB5007189 Windows 10

 Following the previous security patch, the November LCU is also bugging the printer service. Thus users who were the victim of different errors at the time of adding shared network printers are not going to get rid of them after installing KB5007186.  Yes, #283, 0x00000709, and 0xc0000011 are the errors that may drag you into struggle to add a printer to your PC. But there are tweaks that may help to easily fix KB5007186 printer errors. Either you can Uninstall the update, do a registry modification, or update drivers for the printer to settle the messes. Apart from this, you can add the device manually using hostname or IP address. 

Read all the methods here - Fix Network Printing Error #283, 0x00000709, 0x0000011 KB5007189 Windows 10.

Fix Network Printing Error #283, 0x00000709, 0x0000011 KB5007189 Windows 10

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KB5007186 Windows 10 21H1, 20H2, 2004 update to fix Apps UI problem

On the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft pushes patches for almost all components of Windows and other programs. In this regard, on 09 Nov. 2021 different versions of Windows 10 have received cumulative updates that wrap bug fixes to improve the quality of the build. Windows 10 21H1, 20H2, and have obtained KB5007186 with a significant bug fix for rendering UI of certain apps. According to the Known issues, the Printer problems still persist and there are 3 errors occurring during connecting to shared network printer. However, these issues affect big organizations or companies and not the users who run printer in home. This update changes the 2004 build to Windows 10 version 19041.1348, 20H2 to Windows 10 19042.1348, and 21H1 to Windows 10 19043.1348. You are able to update it automatically or install it manually. Servicing stack update aka SSU is wrapped in the latest cumulative update so you don't require to install this manually.

Read more - KB5007186 Windows 10 21H1, 20H2, 2004 update rolled out with many bug fixes

KB5007186 Windows 10 21H1, 20H2, 2004 update rolled out with many bug fixes

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How to open Registry Editor in Windows 11

 Users can modify the DWORDS in Windows Registry in order to tweak existing Settings in the Operating System. Since all the Settings in Windows has a significant parameter and have Registry keys, this is a crucial task to make any changes for an unfamiliar person. Only the professional users must access this platform and the admin should keep a backup of the old Registry before making any change. However, knowing exactly what to do here can make your task easier in case critical trouble. Today, we will show you how to open Registry Editor in Windows 11.

Read - How to open Registry Editor in Windows 11 (Best Ways)

How to open Registry Editor in Windows 11

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How To Fix Sound Not Working in Windows 11

 Windows 11 is indeed the best version of the windows available that is intuitive and is one great version that offers all the features required for smooth personal and official use. But that doesn't mean that there are no issues linked with the use of Windows 11.

Though a great version, there are chances that sometimes the system will face the booting issue and sometimes even sound issue. Sound not working in Windows 11 is though an issue that occurs quite less, but still, when one faces it, there are chances that it can be irritating and cumbersome to correct.

There is no doubt that having the finest quality sound while watching movies or videos can help offer you the most impressive quality and entertainment. Additionally, sound quality is required during the online lectures and webinars as well.

But do not worry; we have curated a complete list of solutions that can help you resolve the issue and get back to the best performance. 

How To Fix Sound Not Working in Windows 11
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