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Compilation of Task View Hotkeys for Windows 10

In case you prefer to use Task View on a virtual desktop then keyboard shortcuts are a blessing. These hotkeys are a measure to complete the work with a faster pace. Working with the shortcuts is always a pleasure for the users because of its efficiency.

These shortcuts even give you a respite from mouse operation and painful hands. Be it jumping from one window to the other or opening a program or an application everything is just like walking on the cake.

Compilation of Task View Hotkeys for Windows 10

It is a known fact that Windows 10 is equipped with the Virtual desktop feature that allows toggling on various workspaces. The Task View icon immediately beside Cortana serves the purpose. With this, you are free to open a virtual desktop and put in the desired number of desktops with the Plus (+) icon. In case you are a lover of using shortcuts and want a hassle-free job, this article might excite you -

Windows 10 Task View Shortcuts

For example - Alt+ F4 helps in closing the presently running virtual desktops. For more such simple shortcuts visit the page.

Compilation of Task View Hotkeys for Windows 10

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