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How to Remove $GetCurrent Folder in Windows 10

After updating the PC to the next version the OS conceals a file namely $GetCurrent. The location of this file is the local drive of the PC. The ingredients of the file are the installation documents of the present version and the log files of the previous ones.

After a successful installation of the version, a user may not feel the use of this file anymore. The reason behind this might be that it consumes a lot of space. Though the file is made in such a way that it gets deleted all by itself after 30 days of installation yet in few cases, it does not happen. Or some of the users do not want the file to stay on their device even for 30 days. Hence they wish to delete the same.

How to Remove $GetCurrent Folder in Windows 10

There are two methods to remove the $GetCurrent Folder from the drive. One is from the File Explorer and the second via Command Prompt. Both the methods are quite hassle-free and hence to know how to pursue about with the task tap here -

How to Safely Delete $GetCurrent Folder in Windows 10

How to Remove $GetCurrent Folder in Windows 10

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