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Workarounds: Microsoft Edge Stops Working 2017 in Windows 10

A frequent issue that the Edge users face is that it does stop working in short intervals. In case you wish to believe with the users the issue starts basically after the Creators Update. As per them each time you log in with the browser it brings the logo. And finally, it vanishes from the desktop.

For some users, the Edge completely fails to launch but for the other users, the browser keeps opening and closing. Generally, this issue creates a lot of havoc in the life of the users who solely depend on this browser for their work.

Microsoft Edge Stops Working 2017

There are usually five solutions to this particular issue of Edge, not opening. Now you need to try each of these solutions one by one to see which of the one solves the particular problem. To get a one-stop for all the solution with the Edge reach here -

Microsoft Edge Not Working 2017 – All in One Fix for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Stops Working 2017 in Windows 10

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