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Methods to Rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge

Once you open a PDF file on the PC you might need to flip it to a certain angle for a better readability. The reason for understanding the tool of PDF reader is that it is an inbuilt one and so you need to be well equipped with the entire knowledge of the tool. 

Actually, the toolbar which contains the editing tools is hidden under the browser toolbar. Thus searching it by the people who do not know the exact location of the box becomes very difficult and they tend to look for it here and there.

How to Rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge

As we speak about this built-in attribute, the things needed for flipping the document is kept under covers by Microsoft. Until this issue is taken care of properly by the manufacturers we need to find a temporary method to deal with this problem. Using the mouse or the function key is a sure shot solution to this issue. Click on the link here to know more about its working methodology - How to Rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge

Methods to Rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge

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