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Workaround: DISM Error 50 in Windows 10

The error DISM 50 usually takes place in case the users try to run a few commands using this built-in tool in Windows 10. The greatest reason for the error is that the OS thinks that the location for the execution of the command is inside the domain of the WinPE (or Pre-installation Environment). Such sort of presumption in the Windows usually takes place due to a registry key that is misworking.

The entire error reads as “Error 50 DISM does not support servicing Windows PE with the /online option. The DISM log file can be found at x:windows\dism\dism.log.” It is a well-known fact that that DISM works for refreshing as well as preparing an image on Windows. As soon as the checker looks and finds any corrupted files, it aims to correct them according to the results.

Workaround: DISM Error 50 in Windows 10

We can list three solutions for the given errors namely - Refresh DISM Tools, Delete Registry keys,  Reset the BIOS. The improper functioning of the tool is a great threat to the system and hence it needs to be taken care that it works properly. To know more about the ways read here - How to Fix DISM Error 50 in Windows 10

Workaround: DISM Error 50 in Windows 10

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