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Workaround: Windows 10 BAD_POOL_CALLER Error

Whenever you are in front of an error called BAD_POOL_CALLER in Windows 10, it is an indication that this is a BSOD error which is very irritating and scary. With this, the device emits a terrible noise and results in showing the blue screen of death on the screen.

As per the subject specialists, the root cause of the fix is when the BSoDs itself do not understand or have knowledge about something related to the process. Thus, the PC shuts down so as to protect and prevent any sort of damage in future. Therefore at times simply restarting the PC will help the user to resolve the error.

Workaround: Windows 10 BAD_POOL_CALLER Error

But restarting the PC is a temporary or for the time being solution of the error and it also cannot be called as the reliable solution too. There are a few patches sent by Microsoft time to time so as to keep the PC updated. Thus here we present seven solutions to solve the fix and to know how tap here to read more - Best Fix: BAD_POOL_CALLER Windows 10 Error

Workaround: Windows 10 BAD_POOL_CALLER Error

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