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How to Increase and Decrease Brightness on Second Monitor in Windows 10

You might have thought of adjusting Brightness on Second Monitor in Windows 10 as the feature is a bit new. Your wait is probably over. Microsoft’s new addition Windows 10 has a software-based modification to take your headache away.

The brightness of the screen is a very important element. Adjusting is much necessary depending on the sunlight. While using the computer in bright sun, you need to increase the brightness as to see the screen properly. In the same fashion, decreasing is necessary too in the dark. Any deviation may cause not only the damage to your eyesight but also an excessive pressure on battery life if it’s a portable device. While talking about adjustment, controlling the brightness in a primary screen is a very simple task while secondary screen needs more special features. Our concern is to know how to adjust

Microsoft has introduced their new version of Windows i.e. Windows 10 at beginning of this year. It has come up with lots of special features in order to provide the user the maximum ease of access as well as to keep pace with the advanced technology. Introduction of Creators Update along with Brightness on Second Monitor in Windows 10.Windows 10 has brought a revolutionary change. It has a very special feature which allows the computer screen to emit least blue light. Microsoft has designed this feature for all types of screen irrespective of any size, type of display and brand. This is a kind of software modification actually and of course, you can install it to adjust brightness to your external monitor without changing any physical settings.

Previous version of Windows didn’t have such kind of feature similar to Apple monitors which has control over brightness using keyboard shortcut keys when connected to a mac device. Most of the computers with the Windows operating system don’t have such keyboard shortcut keys. Therefore, you need a software modification to adjust brightness on Second Monitor in Windows 10.

How to adjust Brightness on Second Monitor in Windows 10

You can have too many software searching on Google. But they may not be one you are looking for as well as can have safety limitations. We recommend you to use PangoBright or Pangolin Screen Brightness software in order to work for multi-monitors. As a matter of fact, using this software will offer the same amount of adjustments for all the external monitors.

While using a software-based adjustment modifications, there are limitations too. You may encounter these limitations while adjusting the brightness of the monitors. Let’s have look at the limitations below:

All the software available to adjust the brightness works upon creating an overlay instead of dimming the native signal. As a result, screen capture records a filtered screen color limiting the natural pixel density without dimming the display.

If you look at the photos closely, you can easily understand the difference. This is captured at 70% and 100% brightness respectively.

Secondly, the adjustment is not valid for the applications which had full-screen feature. As a result, applications like Windows 10 player while playing movies and TV cannot be dimmed in full-screen mode. Even the top of the mouse cursor is not a dimmed zone too. Likewise, any of the windows showing the native menu overlay and start menu will not be dimmed too.

If you want to see the different dim levels, you need to work for context switching. In other words, this workflow will need a constant Ctrl+Tab button.

Most annoying cons, in this case, is, it will manipulate the color source. Therefore, any of the design which demands color accuracy will not be suitable for this.

Instead of having these cons, the only software which is suitable to adjust Brightness on Second Monitor in Windows 10 is PangoBright. It can work up to your satisfaction level.


With the advancement of technology and as well as huge workload, sometimes we need a second screen in order to have a clear view. In the same fashion, brightness is an important issue too. Adjustments might be necessary for the second screen depending upon the light. The revolutionary feature in Windows 10 to control brightness has far-reaching effects. As it is a software-based solution, it has some limitations. Even then, the software PangoBright can work on your side diminishing most of the limitations. A combined use of PangoBright and Windows 10 can reduce the emitting of blue light from the screen and can keep you safe and sound.

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