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Methods to Disable Pocket in Firefox 57

Though being an all new and advanced and latest attribute, it is possible to Disable Pocket in Firefox 57 in case, it is of no use to you. Firefox 57 is a feather added to the cap of Mozilla browser and this particular browser now has an entirely new UI (User Interface) and Photon.

On top of that, it is now well equipped with a powerful Quantum engine. The developers had come to a trouble with a real tough situation while releasing this version as the browser will no more support XUL-based add-ons. With this change, entire of the old add-ons will be disapproved and incompatible. Yet as a matter of choice, Pocket is something that a few users don’t like to have in the browser.

Methods to Disable Pocket in Firefox 57

In case you are also one among those users who do not like the newly added feature, head towards the address bar of the browser. Now type about:config so that it leads to the page where you can make the changes. To know the next in line process tap here - How to Turn off Pocket in Firefox 57

Methods to Disable Pocket in Firefox 57

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