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Workaround: Start Menu No Tiles Windows 10

A Start Menu with no tiles is a usual problem that users come across with after grabbing the Creators Update. On top of that, many users face that a few application icon and shortcuts not there from the desktop in the variant. But there is not a problem as Microsoft says that one can easily solve this problem with more than one solutions.

As we all know that there are many changes available in the latest variant of the OS. Thus due to the fast running development works, there are always possibilities of bugs and flaws. Hence we find this issue of the disappearance of the Start Menu tiles. But there is no need to worry as there are many lifesaving solutions for the issue.

Workaround: Start Menu No Tiles Windows 10 

There are in total seven solutions in total for the above error in the discussion. It is very important to know all of them as any one of it may solve the issue completely. Hence we would suggest you try each one of it so as to solve the same. To know all tap the link here - How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu No Tiles

Workaround: Start Menu No Tiles Windows 10

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