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Workaround: 0x80070422 Windows update error in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most dynamic operating system and keeps itself updated. Microsoft  Delivers Windows update in a generic way to maintain the OS, provide new security features and fight with the threats moreover add advanced features. In the meantime, some errors make users uncomfortable while a receiving it.  One of such errors is 0x80070422 that prevents the update files from downloading and installing on Windows 10.

 When you find this error the update stops suddenly and displays a message  that there was some problem installing updates.  In this case,  Microsoft forum unfortunately did not help to any extent so Windows 10 users have no option to solve this issue. However,  experts researched on this stop code and find a working solution to 0x80070422 . This error was due to misconfiguration of few services and upon changing their status Windows update was successfully downloaded.  Read the full story here

0x80070422 There were some problems installing Updates Solutions

Workaround: 0x80070422 Windows update error in Windows 10

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