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Top Free YouTube Downloader APK for Android

You may find a lot searching on Internet but all of these are not trustworthy. Fortunately, we have few APK’s like Antube, Vidmate, SnapTube, GetTube, WonTube, Videoder those are the best available right now based on performance and security concern.

YouTube is the most popular source of entertainment nowadays. Moreover, we always look for a help in there once we stuck in a loop. Not always we have the data connection on the go and we feel helpless when we can’t access it. YouTube has provided watching videos Offline providing Download option but these are temporary for a time period. In addition, these are not stored in external memory. Therefore, we cannot really transfer it to anywhere or play it to another video player. Again, there are videos that don’t have this option in YouTube app due to copyright policy. As a result, we really need to have something like an app that can help you get the videos out from YouTube.

Top Free YouTube Downloader APK for Android


1. Videoder contains various themes and night mode option to look exotic.

2. Tap the Hamburger menu from the homepage and select Settings option.

3. Touch the Themes option from this page and turn the Night mode on using a toggle switch.

4. Proceeding forward, select a preset color from color circles.

5. Custom the accent color tapping Accent color.

Miscellaneous features

1. Check the ongoing downloads or downloaded videos tapping the Download icon beside the search bar.

2. Sign in to YouTube directly using Gmail account tapping the Use icon beside Downloads icon.

3. Select and copy an URL from Facebook, Instagram or any other place and tap Download to get the video on the phone.


Checking Downloads and deleting:

1. A number of downloads are shown with an icon beside search bar.

2. Tap it to see the downloaded and in progress videos.

3. Check videos you want to remove and tap “Delete” to proceed.

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Top Free YouTube Downloader APK for Android

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