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Ways to Fix DTS Sound Problems in Windows 10

In case, your DTS sound system has any difficulty with your Windows 10 OS, here are given a number of things that you should try out in first hand

Read the effect on internal speakers along with external speakers

Your DTS sound system problem in window 10 may occur due to improper configuration of audio devices/ settings.

Let us understand the cause of this inconvenience and learn

the possible way outs that you may exercise to get back DTS sound on your Windows 10 device or computer.

Ways to Fix DTS Sound Problems in Windows 10

Ways to Fix DTS Sound Problems in Windows 10


The first step is to run the built-in audio troubleshooter which is an inbuilt feature in Windows 10.

Then Press the Windows Key, type the ‘troubleshoot’ and next hit the Enter.

Select the ‘View all’ option given on the left side panel, run the ‘Playing Audio’ as troubleshooter from the list and try if it is ok now.

Click the ‘Advanced’ option and out of the appeared list hit the button ‘Apply repair automatically’. Meanwhile, make sure that Run as Administrator option is done yes.

Tick the ‘Next’ and follow the instructions given on-screen and complete the troubleshooting process.

Method 2:

The second way to go around is- try to update the driver and look at if it works:

a) Give run command on pressing Windows key + R and then type devmgmt.msc (without the quotes) and next hit Enter.

b) Mark and enlarge the ‘Audio inputs + outputs’.

c) Next move on to hit the Right click option given on High Definition- Audio Device, hit ‘Update Driver Software’.

Afterward, give a restart command to your computer and check whether the problem is fixed.
If the problem still persists, then try again- click Right and uninstall the driver. Again give a command to restart the PC and let the system automatically install the driver from the Start.

Method 3-

You can try out next way to fix the DTS sound system in Window 19 - is just look for any updated or advanced version available for window 10 audio drivers for your device. Visit the website of the manufacturer; there you can search using your device model. Most likely you will get the issue with DTS fixed there.

Meanwhile, in case you found none of the updated version drivers available on the website of your PC manufacturer company for windows 10, then getting the drivers installed in the compatibility mode would be the next possible option. If you are still getting the error message where-in you are finding that in window 10 you’re DTS sound software is still not functioning compatibly, try installing the same in the compatible mode for Windows 10. Drivers in compatibility mode will run the required program using the settings from the previous version of Windows.

Escort these steps to get the drivers installed in the compatibility mode and check if that helps.

a. Download the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

b. Give a Right-click at the driver-setup file and then click on the ‘properties’ option.

c. Dig into the ‘compatibility’ tab. Here check the box given ‘Run this program in compatibility mode ’,

select the Windows 10 operating system given in the list from the drop-down menu and now proceed with this installation.

Once done with this, get your device restart and again check if there is still an issue that persists.

Method 4-

Next way is to use different audio formats to get the DTS sound system problem fixed.

Here is the list of steps with you-

Click on the Start and Type the letter Sound at the searching field

Now, Select the Sound Control Panel and move to the Playback tab

Give a Right click at the Default Device, Select the option of Properties

Under the Advanced tab option and Default Format, do the change in the settings.

Method 5-

Ok, none of the above solutions is working. Run the troubleshooter for Hardware and Devices to trigger the solution to DTS audio problem in Window 10 and resolve the issue.

This helps to get rid of the commonly occurring problems and issues also ensuring you that any new device or the hardware is perfectly installed with your PC.

A set of instructions is to be followed to try out troubleshooter run for the Hardware and Devices.
Approach this way to fix it up-

Get a Right click at the ‘Start’

Choose the Control Panel option

Expand the list and see the option given at the top of the right corner

Hit the arrow of drop down and select the large icons

Choose and Click Troubleshooting.

Click on the View all button present on the left side panel

Tick on the Hardware and Devices and then Click Next

Then troubleshooter will start detecting the problem or any issues.

A few more things you can try out-

Check speaker, headphone, any loose plug or cables, or check if you get any wrong jack

Ensure your power and check volume levels, turn up all volume controls.

Scan properly your speakers and/or apps for volume controls

You may also try to connect to a different USB port

Unplug your headphones and see your speakers are still working.

One or the other feature will definitely work for you. Let us know if you still require knowing more.

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