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Windows Terminal will Support Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL

Microsoft is consistently working on improvising every aspect of Windows and the latest contribution being Windows Terminal. It is basically a terminal application that is going to help those who prefer and use command-line. The application is scheduled to go public this June. The app will be available for users through the Microsoft Store. Windows Terminal brings added support for other Windows tools including WSL, PowerShell and Command Prompt. The regular updates for the app will improve it further.
The app presents users with a better user interface and with better features. Windows Terminal, as a source says, will include tabs, profiles, DirectX or DirectWrite based text rendering engine and so much more. Let’s take a closer look at the features that Microsoft is planning to introduce with this terminal app.

Improvised text appearance

The new text rendering engine based on DirectWrite or DirectX help to beautify the text in the terminal application. The engine supports the display of symbols, emojis, text characters and glyphs available with your PC fonts. The monospaced font included in Windows Terminal further enhances its modernized looks. Another plus point of the terminal application is faster text rendering.

Open source

Microsoft kept Windows Terminal as an open sourced app. So, enthusiasts can clone, modify and run their version of the code. The repository is on Github.

Settings and features

When compared to older ones, Windows Terminal is rich with features and configuration options. These settings and features offer users greater control over the appearance. Moreover, the settings of Windows Terminal will be stored in a structured text file. This would make the configuration easier. With the new terminal app, users will be able to build several ‘profiles’ for different tools like cmd, with independent style-theme combinations. Thus, users get to have a customized terminal that holds appeal to them.
A notable feature is available to support for multiple tabs. This means that users will now be able to open as many tabs as they want. You can connect the tab you open to any of the command-line applications. As mentioned above, it has support for WSL, PowerShell, SSH connections and Command Prompt.

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