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How to Restart RDP Service in Windows 10

When you require access, interact, and administer a computer remotely, one exciting feature that comes into the scenario is Remote Desktop. But sometimes the remote PCs encounter certain issues which create hindrance in the entire process. In such conditions, the possible resolution would be to restart RDP service in Windows 10. To reboot this TermService, you can go with three separate methods. The traditional way is to use Services console, secondly, you can take the help of Task Manager, and thirdly, running a command in PowerShell will accomplish the task. 

Amongst these, the Service Manager itself gives you two options to reboot any service. You can either right-click on the service and choose Restart or simply click the Restart service icon on the menu bar.

To learn all the methods, see - How to Restart RDP Service in Windows 10.

How to Restart RDP Service in Windows 10

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