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How To Fix Sound Not Working in Windows 11

 Windows 11 is indeed the best version of the windows available that is intuitive and is one great version that offers all the features required for smooth personal and official use. But that doesn't mean that there are no issues linked with the use of Windows 11.

Though a great version, there are chances that sometimes the system will face the booting issue and sometimes even sound issue. Sound not working in Windows 11 is though an issue that occurs quite less, but still, when one faces it, there are chances that it can be irritating and cumbersome to correct.

There is no doubt that having the finest quality sound while watching movies or videos can help offer you the most impressive quality and entertainment. Additionally, sound quality is required during the online lectures and webinars as well.

But do not worry; we have curated a complete list of solutions that can help you resolve the issue and get back to the best performance. 

How To Fix Sound Not Working in Windows 11

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