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Windows Terminal will Support Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL

Microsoft is consistently working on improvising every aspect of Windows and the latest contribution being Windows Terminal. It is basically a terminal application that is going to help those who prefer and use command-line. The application is scheduled to go public this June. The app will be available for users through the Microsoft Store. Windows Terminal brings added support for other Windows tools including WSL, PowerShell and Command Prompt. The regular updates for the app will improve it further.
The app presents users with a better user interface and with better features. Windows Terminal, as a source says, will include tabs, profiles, DirectX or DirectWrite based text rendering engine and so much more. Let’s take a closer look at the features that Microsoft is planning to introduce with this terminal app.

Improvised text appearance

The new text rendering engine based on DirectWrite or DirectX help to beautify the text in the terminal application. The engine supports the display of symbols, emojis, text characters and glyphs available with your PC fonts. The monospaced font included in Windows Terminal further enhances its modernized looks. Another plus point of the terminal application is faster text rendering.

Open source

Microsoft kept Windows Terminal as an open sourced app. So, enthusiasts can clone, modify and run their version of the code. The repository is on Github.

Settings and features

When compared to older ones, Windows Terminal is rich with features and configuration options. These settings and features offer users greater control over the appearance. Moreover, the settings of Windows Terminal will be stored in a structured text file. This would make the configuration easier. With the new terminal app, users will be able to build several ‘profiles’ for different tools like cmd, with independent style-theme combinations. Thus, users get to have a customized terminal that holds appeal to them.
A notable feature is available to support for multiple tabs. This means that users will now be able to open as many tabs as they want. You can connect the tab you open to any of the command-line applications. As mentioned above, it has support for WSL, PowerShell, SSH connections and Command Prompt.
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MSBuild 2019 Wallpapers for Windows 10 [Download]

Crazy about getting some MSBuild 2019 Wallpapers for your Windows 10 PC? Well, Microsoft Build sure has some in stock for you.Some of the important things that came up in the recent annual conference of MSBuild- Build 2019- were Microsoft Insider, the all-new Windows Terminal etc. Of course, we get this beautiful wallpaper too!

A Windows engineer took the wallpaper to Twitter with an interesting caption-
‘Do not buy a monitor just cuz you have a cool wallpaper for it’.
She further adds how tempting the wallpaper is. Well, she might have a point- the wallpaper ‘s default resolution is 5760px x 1080 pixels! Not sure about buying widescreen, but anybody would fall in love with the seamless look of the new space background image. I mean, we personally love it already!

Where to get the new Space background wallpaper for Windows 10?

You can easily download this MSBuild 2019 wallpaper from When you follow the link, the page for this Space background wallpaper will open. Once it opens, just scroll down and click on the download link that you find there. It is as simple as that. Though the default resolution of the wallpaper is 5760px x 1080 p, users also have the option of downloading the 1920px x 1080 pixels one on the site.
Not just the Space wallpaper, but you can also get several other wallpapers from Wallpaperhub. The site, developed by Michael Gillette, a strong Microsoft enthusiast, has an amazingly wide range of simply catchy and gorgeous wallpapers. Check out the vast collection of wallpapers by clicking on the ‘collections’ tab on the website.  You really don’t need to browse anywhere else for getting some stunning background images for your PC!
That's all!
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How to adjust Automatic Maintenance Settings in Windows 10

Automatic Maintenance is designed to address these problems with maintenance activity in windows. They are Deadline Scheduling, Resource Utilizing conflicts, Energy Efficiency and Transparency to the user. This feature of windows facilitates idle efficiency and permits all activity to run in a timely and prioritized fashion.

Windows could run (when opted for) a schedule check on to your system whenever you are not using your system on a daily basis. Windows do this so that it could check for updates related to windows, software installed on your system. System diagnostics and Security scanning could also be done along with the “Updates”.

How to Customize Automatic Maintenance in Windows 10

Automatic Maintenance automatically stops currently running maintenance activities if the user starts interacting with the computer. This will resume its activity when the system returns to idle status. However, in case of deadlines, a user will be notified about the activity and provide an option for a manual run of automatic maintenance.

Here in this article, we will tell you on how to adjust the automatic maintenance settings so that your system wakes up at some particular time (fixed by you) checks for daily maintenance tasks. Note that to make any change on to your system, you need to login as an administrator so that you have the full rights.

How to adjust Automatic Maintenance Settings in Windows 10

Step 1: At first, you need to open the System and Security. You can access System and Security either by Control Panel or through the system settings. Here, in this article, we will see to open this through Control panel as this is the easiest way to access it. Look at the screenshot shown below and follow the exact path i.e. Control Panel >>System and Security.

system and securityStep 2: Here, in this window go straight to the System and Security and click on Security and Maintenance. This will open up a new window. A screenshot of this is shown below. Here, go to the Maintenance option. There is a drop down menu present at the right end of maintenance. Click on here to expand it.

How to adjust Automatic Maintenance Settings in Windows 10

Step 3: This will open the Automatic Maintenance section of your system. Here, go to the bottom and tick against the box which will allow scheduled maintenance to wake up your computer at the scheduled time. You can select the scheduled time for your system yourself. By default the automatic scheduled is set at 2 AM. A screenshot of this is shown below.

How to adjust Automatic Maintenance Settings in Windows 10If you are prompted by UAC, simply click on OK and move forward. That’s it. If you have any other query regarding Windows 10, ask us in the comment box below
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Retrieve the Libraries in Windows Explorer after updating Windows 8.1

How to retrieve the Libraries in Windows Explorer after updating Windows 8.1

After updating Windows 8.1 operating system, there arises some problem in the navigation pane of the Windows Explorer. The problem is you can’t see the Libraries in the navigation pane of the Windows Explorer. Libraries is the default place where you can see the display contents like Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. Libraries play an important role because all the apps in the Start Screen-use Libraries folders to store their respective contents. For example, the Pictures app uses the Libraries Pictures folder as the default location to display the contents.

Here in this article we will show you how to retrieve the Libraries in Windows Explorer after updating Windows 8.1 operating system.

Open Windows Explorer (This PC).
Select the View tab from the menu listed on the top of the window.
Now double click on the Options from the submenus.
A new Folder Options window appears on the screen.
The General tab is selected by default.
So under the General tab select Show Libraries box.
Click Apply followed by Ok.

How to Work with Library in Windows 10
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How to Read Pdf Files in an easy Mode: - ezPDF Reader

ezPDF Reader is one of the best pdf readers available for Android as well as Windows users. This has been known for the best-selling PDF viewer and annotator for Android for last three years.  There are hundreds of new features if you buy its paid version. The free version of this app allows restricted access to its various functions.

How to use this App

At first install this app on your device. Android users can have this app from Google Play Store. Other smartphone users can have this app from their respective App Store. This app has recently been launched for Windows users too. Once you have installed this app on your device, open this app by tapping on its icon present on the home screen.

A screenshot of its interface is shown below. The interface of this app has been designed in a very unique way with its fantastic way of turning pages, opening and closing of books etc. In the screenshot below, you can see various options available at the top panel of this app. Some of these are explained below.

My Docs: - This one is the Default folder of this app. There is way out there to change the default folder about which we will tell later in this article.
Recent: -This one consists of all the Pdfs which have been opened recently using this app. If you want to read a recently read article, you can always search for that file here.
All PDF: -This consists of all the Pdfs which are present in your device at different location. One important about this section is that you could know about the location of any particular pdf directly from here.
Web Docs: - As the name suggests, it provides you an option to browse Google Docs or direct web browsing for any pdf.
At the top of this panel, you can see there are three options present at the right topmost corner. These are settings, Import File and Home options. These three options are described below along with pictures shown in the screenshot below.

Clicking on the setting icon, will a bottom panel consisting of varying options. These can be used to copy, move, paste any files from one location to another. You can also create a new folder using the first icon of this panel. Look at the bottom of the second slide in the below shown screenshot. This is the settings panel.

Clicking on the second option will open a window showing you the options to import files from other places. The third and the last option “Stretching” is basically the Home button of this app. This will give you an option of changing the default folder or just go to your already present default folder. By default it has been set to My Docs.

Note: - For KitKat users, ability to write to SD card has been restricted. If you still want to do that, you can follow these steps to get rid of this restriction.

At first select “Open from Document Provider” from all Pdf tab.
Here, you will see the SD card option.
If you don’t find it here, go to the settings option and turn on “Display Advanced Devices” and “Display File Size”.
Here, you can find SD card option. Click here and open PDF.

ezPDF Reader is one of the best pdf readers present in the market. Its unique way of turning pages, opening or closing of any document, file will make you to have this app forever with you. Again, the features provided in this app are just too awesome. It is a worth having app for all smartphone users. Have this app at your respective  App store and tell us your views about this app in the comments below.
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how to force a specific visual style file in windows 10.

Here in this article, we will tell you on how to force a specific visual style file by entering the path (location) of the visual style path in windows 10. This can be a local computer visual style or a file located on a remote server using a UNC path.

Requirements: - At least windows server 2003 operating system or windows XP professional.

The different visual style files on different operating systems of Windows and their effects are mentioned below:-

Windows XP:- While running this OS, you can select the Luna visual style by typing %windir%\resources\Themes\Luna\Luna.msstyles
Windows 7:- To select the windows classic visual style, leave the box blank beside “Path to visual style” and enable this setting
Windows 8 or Windows RT:- Here, you can’t apply the windows classic visual style
How to force a specific visual style file of force

Step 1:- Type “gpedit” in the Cortana search of your windows. This will show you the Group Policy Editor at the top. Click on its icon to open it. A screenshot of this Editor is shown below. You can follow the step down method shown in the picture to reach the target setting. Step 2:- You can also reach the destined target by following the below written path.

Local Computer Policy => User Configuration => Administrative Templates => Control Panel => Personalization
This will open the personalization window as shown above. Now go to the second facet and search for “force a specific visual style file” or just come to the bottom.

Step 3:- Double click on this icon to open the edit window. You can also open its edit window by right clicking on its icon and then selecting the “edit” in the context menu. This will open the Edit Window.

Step 4:- By default, the state of this setting is set to “Not Configured”. To force a specific visual style file, you need to enable this function here on this edit window. Tick against the bubble present left to the function “Enabled” in this window. In the comment box, you can add some keywords present on the right panel in the edit window.

Step 5:- At last click on Apply and then press OK. When you hit ok, edit window will be closed and you can see the Local Group Policy Editor once again. Here, you can see the state of “force a specific visual style file” changed to Enabled. If you have added some comments, it will put a “Yes” just below the comment section.

Some of the important features of this setting are described below:-

If you enable this setting, the visual style file specified by you will be used. However, a user can’t apply a different visual style while changing themes.
Suppose the file specified by you is not available, the default file will be loaded.
Users can select the visual style which they want to use in their PC by changing themes only when the setting is disabled or set to not configured.
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How to Access Windows 10 Spotlight Folder Location

Windows 10 Spotlight Folder Location - The Personalization on latest operating system matters for users so Microsoft time to time updates captivating and Dashing Wallpapers and lock screen. When Windows 10 Spotlight came into existence users warmly appreciated, but few users are left unlucky and the wallpaper is not available on their PC. So, advance and techie guys start to locate the folder where it is placed by default. Hence, we are writing here Windows 10 Spotlight Folder Location.

How to Access Windows 10 Spotlight Folder Location

Windows 10 Spotlight Folder Location
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How to use the Galaxy S4 online simulator

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung has gripped its aim of overall smartphone domination. The newest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version installed Galaxy S4 device may be compared with the striking HTC One and the moveable iPhone 5. Galaxy S4 device is running with the quad-core processor, 5-inch HD screen, 13-megapixel camera, and updated apps. Now you are ready to share your ideas with the Samsung Galaxy S4 new features and tweaks. If you don’t want to aware all the Galaxy S4 features to your local retailer then explore the Samsung's Galaxy S4 online simulator. The simulator is a great way to learn an idea about all the Smartphone’s features in a single place either manually or by someone who you are helping. Samsung has already provided online simulators for the Galaxy Nexus and the Note smartphone. With the reveal of the new Galaxy S4 series, Samsung has restructured the simulator's web interface to view and print the tutorials easily in slide view. How to use the Galaxy S4 online simulator? step 1

At first, start your web browser.
Next copy the below given entire URL link and paste it to your browser tab.

Click on the link to direct access in new browse tab. Step 2

Once the Galaxy S4 online simulator window loads successfully on your web browser, go to at the bottom panel and click on using the Simulator link under category panel. Actually, this link lets you move your mouse cursor over a category one by one to read or view the related slide view tutorials.
The Galaxy S4 online simulator window has covered slide view tutorials of following categories. For example - Basic functions, Customize screens, Screen lock Communication, Connectivity, Services, Multimedia, and Settings.  Advice All of the slide view tutorials are printable and contain large useful pictures and step-by-step instructions. So it is easy to take print of the selected topics using your printer. To do it,

At first, move your mouse cursor over the selected categories and choose your preferred option from the appeared panel.
Now the selected option will be opened in a new browser tab.
Then click on printer icon on the left side.
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How To Active Secret Hidden New Start Screen on Windows 10

At an early stage, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Technical Preview. In this new operating system, you have encountered many new and smart features comparing to Windows 8/8.1 OS. Now, Microsoft again updated its OS as named under Windows 10 Technical Preview 3 (Build 9879). Microsoft allows you to download and upgrade the latest version of Windows 10. It comes with a new secret Smart Screen feature which is known as the Continuum UI. In fact, Continuum UI is the improved version of Metro. It is just about switching between the touch UI and the mouse or keyboard-centric UI as depending on that peripheral is attached to your PC and however, it is docked or undocked.

As it seems that both the current Start menu and Start screen UIs would be replaced by the Continuum User Interface in future. It works also in Window mode. In this article, we are sophisticating to active the new Start Screen feature "Continuum UI" on your PC desktop. Let you know the following essential tips in the easy and simple way.

How to active the secret Continuum UI screen on Windows 10
Here, you can enable the hidden Continuum UI by using Registry Tweak. Firstly, you should have the latest Windows 10 Build 9879 Technical Preview 3 and then use the next step which has described below:

1. Press Windows button and R key simultaneously and write the text regedit.exe in the open box to launch the Registry Editor on your desktop.

2. Now, navigate the following Registry Key as below:


Note: If the above keys does not exist already then you have created manually.

3. In the current registry key Launcher, create a new DWORD value of 1 under UseExperience name.

4. Now you can check it after signing out or restarting your the Explorer Shell once again.

Hope, you will really enjoy this new feature Continuum UI ( similar to Smart Screen) on your PC comfortably.
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4 Useful Tools for Checking Grammar and Spelling errors Online.

Useful Tools for Checking Grammar and Spelling errors Online.

Here I am going to writing about four useful tools to find out spelling and grammar error occur during writing an article on any specific topic.

In fact, before publishing our written article in any magazine or website, we need to check its error once again. At that time we need someone who can check our written matter. Because our published article should be correct and unique in every aspect for readers.  But, sometimes there is no one available to check our work correctly and properly. Especially in that situation when we think that our English in not better. It is necessary to check out the mistakes. For this purpose, there are four important tools available on following websites by which can know spelling and grammatical error and after identifying the mistakes, we can correct them ----

(1)  Polish my Writing – It is an online website where we can check our written text regarding spelling and grammatical errors. To check errors in our text go through the link given below

At home page of this website simply paste your written text in given box and press on check writing button. After pressing this button, all mistakes regarding spelling and grammar will be underlined. Now you can click the underlined word and see the possible suggestions for correction.

(2)    White Smoke --    This is another website available on the internet, through which we can know about errors about and spelling and grammar. this tool can be accessed through this link --

In this website,  you can check maximum 250 words of paragraphs at a time.

(3) Spell check plus - It is also an online tool to check spelling mistakes in our written paragraph. This tool can be visited through the link provided below -

This tool describes your errors.

(4)  Spell Checker -- This is also a website, where writers can check for mistakes related to grammar and spelling. This tool can be used through the link given here like this --

At all of above pages of tools, you have to only copy and paste your written text and click on the given button for checking the errors regarding spelling and grammar.
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