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How to Remove Windows Genuine Message / Windows 7 and Windows XP

A warning message – You may be Victim of Software Counterfeiting feel most critical in your Windows XP . Actually it creates due to fail validation test, windows XP Original copy is not installed, insert different license Key, pirate version. If request of  WGA validation test becomes fail then your computer show such message on desktop or Startup XP .

Windows Genuine Message
Windows Genuine
Windows XP Genuine
You may disable or remove genuine message through registry easily.
First Method-
  • Go to start button, select RUN option and type command regedit in run box.
  • open Registry editor window.
  • Choose HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in left panel.
Windows XP Genuine
  • Click on Software tab.
find software tab
  • Now you find Microsoft Folder.
Microsoft tab in registry
  • Click Windows NT  Folder.
Microsoft tab in registry
  • Browse  Current Version folder.
Remove genuine message
  •  Choose Winlogon folder.  
final step of remove WGA
  • Choose Notify folder. you find wgaLogon folder and delete it.
Notify folder in registry

Reboot your computers and genuine message will remove from windows XP forever.
Second method:-
You may also remove genuine message in windows xp or windows 7 through external software.
  • Download Remove WGA 1.2 software and run it .
  • Now your computer will reboot after performing action of disable genuine  message through software.
How to Remove Windows 7 Genuine Advantage Notification in Windows 7 - 
Notify folder in registry
window 7 WGA Message
Windows 7 Properties
  • At first, download software Remove WAT 2.2.5 . 
  • Extract it in your local drives.
  • Now right click on RemoveWATT.exe icons and Select Run as Administrator.
  • In open window, select  Remove Wat from here option and Click  OK Button.
in few moments, Windows 7  will reboot automatically and Genuine advantage notification will be vanished.  and window
Now your computer  properties will display as below image.
Activate window 7 

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  1. I don't have a WGA file in regedit at the specified location. ANy other advice?