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Download Lastpass to use and remember strong password

A password is a sequence of characters, may be alphabet, numbers or special symbols so as to secure a user logging in to any account. It protects the individuality of any user. Usually the types of accounts that hold multi-user login, where users sign in as secure and protected single-users have their User ID. User ID is a unique name that is chosen by the user and checked by the system, so that the User IDs remains matchless and purely dedicated to that user. User IDs handle password for login so as to safeguard and verify the authentic user. Good criterion for choosing a password or generating up password guidelines include the succeeding steps:
  • Don't choose a password which someone can easily guess if they know you (for example, not your tele-phone number, birthday, or maiden name)
  • Don’t choose simple and even words, do mix different cases and characters
  • Don't choose a word that is very frequently used (as there are programs that can rapidly try every words of every day use)
  • Don't choose a word that is at present newsworthy
  • Don't opt a password that is related to your previous password
  • Don't select same passwords for one or more accounts
  • Don’t choose a password hint very close to the password.
There are networks that require you change password at regular interval. Each of us has many user IDs and passwords i.e. for emails, social networking, employee, online bank accounts, etc. Now do you think that you can always remember all the passwords? NO, then what can be done? For these reasons we have password managers.
What is a password manager?
You absolutely must use strong passwords for your secure site login, and every password needs to be different from other. The only way to manage both of these imperatives is to get help from a password manager. When you log in to a secure site, your password manager saves the username and password; when you repeat login of that site, it can fill in the saved ID. That, at its ground level, is the function of a password manager. There are many password managers, but taking into light the security and the robust nature of a password manager towards piracy and hacking. There are many password managers, over the digital world, but out of this Lastpass 2.0is the most secure, convenient, and with features that go way, way beyond the competition amongst these. Lastpass 2.0 is free to use and convenient. If you want to safeguard your passwords using Lastpass 2.0 You can follow the steps below-
  • Download the Lastpass extension for your internet browser following the link- , you can download the extension for Google chrome, mozilla firefox, Microsoft internet explorer separately.
  • Then install the extension to the browser. Then get started using Lastpass.
  • First of all what you need is a ‘membership’ in the Lastpass for that you need to open an account free of cost in-
  1. The Lastpass community by opening the extension in the browser and clicking on ‘create account’.
  2. Lastpass website -
  3. you can alternatively follow the link-
After downloading the Lastpass Password Manager and creating an account, you'll be able to securely store your login information, auto fill and auto login to your favorite sites, and sync your saved data across all major browsers and platforms

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