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How to Know Aadhaar Number Status

Aadhaar card
What is Aadhaar?
Aadhaar project has been launched by Central Ministry of IT and Communication in 2011. So a regulatory body (UIDAI) has been formed to control and implement of Aadhaar Project in India.
Aadhaar is solid identity right for general people especially for them who have not any identity certificate of recognition still now. Aadhaar is form of 12 digit number which will get to all peoples of India. This unique identity number will be valid in whole country for getting different types of government facilities and to express citizenship. This identity number will be available free of cost.

Benefits of Aadhaar –
With the help of Aadhaar number, you can get following government sponsored facilities and advantages easily –
  • Employment or jobs
  • Opening Bank Account
  • PDS facilities.
  •  Health Services
  • Admission in schools or institutions
  • To purchase new SIM card for mobile phones and many more.
How to get Aadhaar number?
For getting Aadhaar number, every people has to provide their details during enrolment at the enrolment center. Two types of details such as demographic (personal info) and biometric (capturing face photo, iris-scan, fingerprints) will be entered by enrolment operator. After successfully enrolment, people will obtain print out of acknowledgment form including pre-enrolment number. Although it is not permanent Aadhaar number.
How to check Aadhaar number status online ?
UIDAI has given facility to know status online of Aadhaar number. People, who have enrolled for Aadhaar number 60 to 90 days before, may check out.
  • To do it, at first, click on below link.
  • Then type pre- enrolment number (14 digit) along with date & time from their printed acknowledgment form.
  • Now it shows such information - dispatching date of Aadhaar generated letter by India post to their respective address.
 Check Aadhaar Card Status online  from UIDAI websites 
Know Aadhaar Card Status         from India Post 
For any complaints or enrolment objection, people can report to online, make call on toll free number or send email also.
To see more details about UIDAI and Aadhaar  project                              click here 


  1. Aadhaar is a very good initiative from the Indian govt. especially when it comes with the intention of providing benefits to the poor people of the country. I do appreciate these efforts but Aadhaar needs some improvement to make it a nation-wide success.

  2. We are fed up of this government. Preparation of Aadhar Card is taking a lot of time. We are forced to pay full price of LPG cylinders because most of us can not get Aadhar Card before 15th of February as per the Government's guide lines to the Oil companies and Gas dealers. The finger prints of many old persons are not recognized by the machines. So, they are rejected to get Aadhar Cards. This Government has made our condition very pity only for their votes and money from these companies and nothing else. The Planning commission is full of un-thoughtful persons.