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shortcuts in Excel and IE / Internet explorer

There are various shortcuts in Excel and Internet Explorer which usually make the work easier. Let us explore:
  • To open a new workbook: Press Ctrl+N.
  • To move from left to right or cell by cell: Press Tab, or press the Right Arrow key.
  • To move from right to left or cell by cell: Press Shift+Tab, or press the Left Arrow key.
  • To move down or cell by cell: Press Enter, or press the Down Arrow key.
  • To move up or cell by cell:Press Shift+Enter, or press the Up Arrow key.
  • To move down or up to the last non-empty or empty cell: Press Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow or Up Arrow.
  • To move to the last non-empty or empty cell to the right or left: Press Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow or Left Arrow.
  • For Erasing data in the current cell: Press the Backspace.
  • For inserting a return within a cell: Press Alt+Enter.
  • For returning to the beginning of the row: Press HOME.
  • For advancing to the next worksheet:Ctrl+Page Down
  • To go to the previous worksheet: Ctrl+Page Up
  • For entering the date: Press Ctrl+Semicolon (;).
  • For entering the time: Press Ctrl+Shift+Colon (:).
  • To find out the style within the cell: Press Alt+Apostrophe (‘).
  • For displaying the Format Cells dialog box: Press Ctrl+1.
  • For applying the general number format: Press Ctrl+Shift+Tilde (~).
  • For applying the currency number format: Press Ctrl+Shift+Dollar Sign ($).
  • For applying the percentage number format: Press Ctrl+Shift+Percent (%).
  • For applying a border: Press Ctrl+Shift+Ampersand (&).
  • For removing a border: Press Ctrl+Shift+ underscore (_).
  • For hiding the selected columns: Press Ctrl+0 (zero).
  • For hiding the selected rows: Press Ctrl+9.
  • To unhide hidden rows within a selection: Press Ctrl+Shift+opening parenthesis.
  • For adding sites to the Favorites
  1. visit the site.
  2.  To add to the Favorites, Press Ctrl+D.
  3. Open Favorites, for creating separate folders or adding the sites to the already existing folders.
  • For selecting a home page
  1. Visit the webpage that that is desired to make the home page.
  2. Click on the Tools menu, and click Internet Options.
  3. Under Home page, click Use Current.
  • To use the History function if few sites are visited frequently.
  1. Press Ctrl+H which opens the History pane.
  2. The site which is frequently visited should be right-clicked and then click on Add to Favorites.
  • For Customizing the toolbar according to the tools frequently used
  1. The command bar should be right-clicked.
  2. Customize should be clicked.
  3. Add or Remove Commands should be clicked.
  • To go to the home page: Press Alt+Home.
  • For switching between tabs: Press Ctrl+Tab.
  • For moving forward through the items on a webpage or the Address bar: Press Tab.
  • To move back through the items on a webpage or the Address bar: Press Shift+Tab.
  • For finding on the page: Press Ctrl+F.
  • To Stop downloading the page: Press Esc.
  • For using the zoom on a webpage
For Increasing the zoom (+ 10%): Press Ctrl+plus sign (+).
For Decreasing the zoom (- 10%): Press Ctrl+minus sign (-).
For Increasing to 100%: Press Ctrl+0.
These shortcuts are very useful for easy access.

function if few sites are visited frequently.

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