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Picozu - an interesting Photo Editor App

Photo-editing is very interesting and enjoyable pastime. The internet is full of both online and freeware photo-editing software.  Picnik image editor was one such great photo-editing tool. Google merged it with Google+ which shut down the stand alone editor. You can now use with your plus profile. PicMonkey is another good option for photo editing. Though some of it’s features require payment on your part.
Another web-based image editor that is fast gaining popularity is the PicozuPicozu image editor is fast and has a beautiful user-interface that make it appealing. The main difference between Picozu and Picnik/Pic Monkey is that while both allow image editing, it is only Picozu which helps you make a new image itself. Picozu is written in HTML5 and CSS3. Flash or other plug-ins are not required at all.
You have options to either load images from your computer or import them from Google Drive, Sky Drive, Facebook or Google+. You also have the option of using your web cam to capture a fresh image and edit it then and there.
Picozu offers a layer based editing that is similar to Photo shop and GIMP. There are many filters and image effects that will give your photo a unique look. You may also use tools or brushes to manually improve on your photos. There is a fire-fox add-on that when installed, takes captures from your screen which are then send to Picozu to be edited. You can also create photo collages and posters.

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