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Blip: Cheer up, love : is Facebook or myspace making us just about all feel unhappy?

A new study has found which using Facebook or myspace regularly may be making us feel blue.
The major reason is FOMO * we feel lonelier compared to we normally would because Facebook helps it be seem as though everyone else we all know is out developing a great time with out us.
"Greater people utilized Facebook your worse they will subsequently sensed," the experts said, ahead of concluding in which "the more contributors used Fb, the more his or her life total satisfaction levels dropped over time".

So that is cheery. It isn’t really an exact science however, so never give up on social networking just yet: some other studies have learned that using Fb can make us feel good.
It’s nearly as though sometimes we feel good and often we don’t and it is more regarding our genuine lives rather than so much into Facebook, isn’t it?

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