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How to Add or Remove Item on Start menu on Windows 10

Windows 10 makes enable its user to add files, folders, applications, etc in the start menu and remove these items from that. This feature makes easy in accessing necessary items at one place. There are many ways to perform this action like drag and drop, through task bar and start menu properties. Steps in details are being illustrated under.

Steps to add / remove items on start menu on windows 10 –

Through Drag and Drop method –

In this process, drag items or its shortcut on the start button at the taskbar then you will see a message Pin to Start Menu which indicates that you are pinning this item.
If you want to remove it from start menu then right click on the item and select Remove from this list.

Add through Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

#. Right click on blank space on the start menu or task bar and choose Properties.

#. Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window will come on screen in which select start menu then click on Customize button. 

#. Customize Start Menu window will appear with many check boxes beside special items like homegroup, devices, etc. Check the box to which you want to pin into start menu and click Ok button. 

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