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How to Enable / Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10

Windows Defender is a default antivirus of windows 10 operating system which is automatically activated on your computer system to protect from all kinds of malware. It has been inherited from its earlier versions with some modification. It is provided by Microsoft free of cost with operating system. If you have any other antivirus then you do not need it longer, so you can disable it.  if not then you can enable it. Steps how Windows defender is enabled or disabled is explained under.  

Steps to disable windows defender on windows 10 –

#. Open Run dialog box pressing windows key with R key.

#. Paste %ProgramFiles%Windows Defender\MSASCUi.exe into run box and click on Ok button.

#. Instantly, Windows Defender will come as result. Click on it to open.

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#. In windows defender window, click on setting tab followed by Administrator option from left side of window.

#. Now uncheck Turn on this app option and thereafter click on Save changes to button.

Now you have successfully disabled Windows defender on windows 10.

Steps to Enable Windows Defender on Windows 10

#. Fist of all, open control panel from start screen menu

#. In control panel window, select System and Security option.

#. List of notification will come before you on screen where you will see Windows defender turned off notification and besides it Turn on now button. Click on Turn on now button to enable windows defender on windows 10.

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