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How to Get rid of Drop Shadow Effect on Windows 10

Here, I am writing an article on how to overcome from Drop shadow effect problem on windows 10. You can notice it by running two applications at a time and keeping one active and another inactive. You will see shadow of inactive application interface on active app interface. I hope No one will like it, so I am writing a small process to get rid from shadows effect on Windows 10.

How to Get rid of Drop Shadows Effect on Windows 10

Steps to eradicate drop shadows effect on windows 10 –

#. First of all, open Windows 10 control panel and click on System button.

#. Click on Advanced system setting link in System window.

#. This time, System Properties window will appear on screen in which click on 
Advanced tab and select settings link of Performance option.

#. Click on Visual Effects tab and Uncheck Show shadows under window option of custom section.

#. At last click on Apply thereafter Ok to save changes.

#. Now you are free from shadow effects problem.

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