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How to Hide / Remove Task View and Search Toolbar from Windows 10 Taskbar

Microsoft has introduced Task View and Search Toolbars in its latest operating system Windows 10. Task view makes capable in handling more the one desktop easily and Search toolbar is used to search any item on computer system. But it is found that mostly people do not need to work on more than one Desktop and searching task is performed widely from Start menu. In such condition, you should remove or hide these toolbars from task bar. How to remove Task View and Search Toolbars from Windows 10 Taskbar is being written under.

Steps to Hide Task View and Search Toolbars from Taskbar –

#. Use right button of mouse at anywhere on taskbar.

#.  A pop up menu will appear in which uncheck Show Task View button option to Hide Task View.

#. Repeat first statement again and uncheck Show Search button option to hide search tool bar.

#. Now you will not get these tools icon on taskbar. 

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