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How to Open Charms Bar in Windows 10

Charms Bar had been introduced in stead of Start Menu in Windows 8 or 8.1 to access any items of computer system. Microsoft in its latest operating system Windows 10 brought back Start menu feeling its popularity and also introduced Charms Bar. Users who want to use Charms Bar in Windows 10 can get access using any of following ways mentioned under. Charms bar consists of Setting, Start, Share, Search and Devices charms in Windows 10.

Tips to get access Charms Bar in Windows 10 –

There are three methods to open charms bar in windows 10-

1. Press Windows and C keys of Keyboard at time when you are on Start Screen of Windows 10. After it, Charms bar will appear on right side of screen.

2. If you have touch screen system then swipe the inner right corner of the screen to open Charms bar.

3. Using PC Setting – Click on the three lines at the top of the PC setting followed by click on Setting.

Shortcut Keys of Charms –

Search – It is used to search any thing on computer system. It will be launched using Windows and Q key together.

Share – It is used to send information through mail without disturbing the work of your current app. It will appear on screen using Windows and H key together.

Start – It will be opened using only Windows Keys.

Devices – It is used to access all devices attached with you computer system via wire media or wireless, get synchronization with your phone and print from the app. It will be launched using Windows and K keys at a moment.

Setting Charms – It will be open using Windows and I key at time. This charm will be used to configure PC setting. 

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