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How to Pin or Unpin This PC on Home location on Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation has launched its latest operating system Windows 10 with a lot of modification and with new features which enable users to work smoothly. One amongst its various features is Home location which is opened by clicking on File Explorer icon on Taskbar and exhibits all recent and frequently used files and folders. And more interesting about this feature is that you can Pin to Home and Unpin from Home for its users. You can pin network and local folders, Recycle Bin, OneDrive, Libraries, This PC, drives, etc to the Home location. How can these items be pined to Home and unpinned from Home location is mentioned under.

Tips to pin This PC to Home location on Windows 10 –

#. Press right mouse button on This PC icon and select Pin to home option.

#. Instantly, This PC will be pinned to Home location.

How to Unpin This PC from Home location in Windows 10

#. First of all, go to Home location

#. Right click on This PC icon and Select Unpin from Home

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