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How to Search Items on Windows 10 - 4 ways

Windows 10, a latest operating system of Microsoft, is prominently known for its dynamic features. Its search engine is also one of those, using it you can search files, folders, apps etc on entire computer system quickly. It introduces 4 search engines to search desired item. How can we search using these search engines is mentioned under.

Steps to Search items using one of four search engines –

#. Using Start Menu – You can search every thing available on computer system using search engine available at the bottom of start menu. Type any thing like name of file, folders, settings, apps, etc and open on clicking them.

#. Using Start Screen – Besides start menu, a search engine is also available at start screen. This search engine comes into view when you shift to start screen in place of start menu. It is useful for those who work on start screen.

#. Using Windows store – It contains two search engines, to open first you will have to open windows store using task bar. Click on windows store icon which is available on the top left corner of the windows store window. After a pop menu will appear which will have many options with search.

#. Search Apps on Windows store - It is old version search engine which is available at top left corner of windows store. Type apps and search smoothly. 

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