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How to Start Check Disk Process in Windows 10

Several times, it is seen that computer drives or drivers stop working automatically and users have no option to overcome it. Giving solution of this problem, Microsoft has brought much exiting feature Check Disk in its latest Operating system Windows 10. Although, it was also introduced in Windows 8/8.1 but here it is with new changes. It will test entire drive and find errors to repair it. How can Check Disk is used in Windows 10 is being mentioned under.

Steps to start check disk process in windows 10 –

#. First of all, you need to open This PC on your computer screen. Right click on the drive to which you want to scan for errors and click on the Properties option.

#. Now, Properties window will appear on screen where click on Tools tab.

#. Click on Check option under the Error checking section.

#. Thereupon, you will see checking wizard on your screen where click on Scan drive if you wish to perform a check.

#. After it, scanning of particular drive will begin.

#. When scanning will be over then you will get Show Details option. It will show result of current scan.

#. Now, click on Close button to exit from the Error Checking wizard.

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