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How to Use and Start Windows Media Player on Windows 10

Windows Media Player (WMP) application is installed on computer system along with windows 10 operating system to play audios or videos clip and also to observe images. It was also with all versions of windows operating system but in Windows 10 it is presented with few interesting features like easy and smooth interface, arranging the media stock, burn CDs with favorite tracks, etc. How to use and start Windows Media Player in Windows 10 is explained under in details.

Steps to start windows media player on windows 10 –

#. Open Start menu and Type Windows Media Player in Search box.

#. Instantly result will come as Windows Media Player, click on it to open.

#. Now windows media player interface will be on screen. Use and play audios or videos songs.

How to Use Windows Media player on Windows 10

Windows media player has two modes Now Playing and Player Library.

Now Playing – It has three parts

1.     Track Information – It shows name of running track.

2.     Playback control – it consists pause, stop, forward and backward button to control the track.

3.     Switch to library mode – It is used to change mode of player.

<= Now Playing Mode Image

Player Library – It has five parts

1.     Address Bar – it shows location of running track.

2.     Navigation Pane – It provides category to all audios and videos songs.

3.     Details plane – It keeps details of selected category of navigation pane.

4.     List pane – It is playlists of medial player and allows to burn favorite track into CDs or DVDs.

5.     Playback Control – As explained in Now playing mode. 

<= Player Libarary Mode Image

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