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How to Auto hide Taskbar in Windows 10

Techniques and steps for How to auto hide taskbar in Windows 10

The taskbar in the windows 10 operating system is loaded with interesting features. There are many ways by which you can organise your taskbar. Auto hiding your taskbar renders  a lot more screen area to work with and also secures it from others vision. Auto hide feature hides the taskbar and when you drive the cursor of your mouse to the locality where you had hidden it, the taskbar pops up restores. Oppositely When the mouse cursor is moved away from the taskbar area the taskbar makes itself scarce automatically. Organising your Windows 10 personal computer as per your requirement can be done easily by following few simple steps. You can lock or even auto hide your taskbar easily.

Method to Auto hide Taskbar in Windows 10

Step 1: Move your mouse cursor and execute a right click somewhere in the taskbar area.

Step 2: Now locate the option ‘Settings’ and click on it.

How to Auto hide Taskbar in Windows 10

Step 3: By default Taskbar Settings opens. Pull the toggle towards On position beneath the heading Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.
How to Auto hide Taskbar in Windows 10

Auto hide option for taskbar is not only useful in personalising your taskbar but it also helps in keeping your things personal and to your liking.

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