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How deal With Cortana and Start Menu Errors in Windows 10

In this article, we will be discussing the various ways through which we can handle assorted errors which tend to occur while working on Windows 10. Before the arrival of Windows updates, there were specific errors occurring which made it difficult to log in easily.
With the plethora of solutions provided to you, it will be a breeze to work on your system after removing all the errors within 10 minutes.

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The steps given are quite useful and works well for all the users. One can also keep the backup of the important data if needed.

How deal With Cortana and Start Menu Errors in Windows 10

Apart from this, one can also take various other steps to resolve Cortana and Start Menu issue. Carrying out your work with new user account. In addition, discarding the drop box would also do the needful. In order to carry out this task properly there will be the utility of some tools like formatted hard drive, USB flash drive along with Windows installation, NTFS file partition and finally useful key install.

Besides, you can get all the essential keys required with the upgrade option of Windows 10. You can carry out the update with the toolkit or popular reserve my copy depending on your preference.
Carry out the solution with formation of the local user account with login ID having no reach to desktop or start menu for that matter.

How deal With Cortana and Start Menu Errors in Windows 10

Follow the given steps to find the solution
  1. Start by using Windows account credentials to log in your system.
  2. Avoiding clicking on critical Windows error and an error button as it will restart your system.
  3. Move to task manager.
  4. Further, start running CMD as administrator.
  5. Now press sfc/ scan now followed by entering.
  6. Move to CMD once more and type msconfig as an instruction.
  7. In msconfig move to boot and choose boot in safe mode together with networking.
  8. At last, click apply and now restart your computer.
Since the arrival of Windows 10 update, there have been many instances of critical errors occurring while trying initiate start menu and Cortana. The above-given solutions have helped many users to get away from the troubleshooting.
Once you are done with this you can log in the system again and follow the steps 6 and 7. Now unselect the safe mode option. Restart your system again and try to log in once more normally.  You will find that your start menu now works smoothly without any errors.

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