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How to Fix Xinstall.dll and Not Found Error on Windows 10

Almost all the Windows operating system comprises of DLL file (dynamic link library) that allows your system to carry out its numerous functionalities with ease. But many times, users encounter Xinstalller.dll error and missing files error that makes it difficult to run the system smoothly.

Xinstaller.dll and Not Found Error indicates that these files are either corrupt in your system or missing registry entry.

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About Xinstaller.dll

Xnstaller.dlil is a DLL file that comprises of small programs that are capable of handling several functions with given software program. It won't be wrong to say that these are a kind of executable files similar to .EXE.

Let's understand it with an example, suppose you are working on Microsoft word and later you decide to print the document you have prepared. Once you deliver print command, the Word will summon the Printer DLL file that will be incorporated into RAM at the same time. Similar will follow if you decide to print your document in the different file, for example, Adobe Acrobat.

Reasons Behind DLL Errors

DLL files are present outside the software for they being the shared files. Even though it provides the plethora of benefits for the software developers, it is also a big culprit for the occurrence of problems.

It is simple to understand if there is any kind of hindrance or problem while loading the Xinstaller.dll file user will come across the error message.

Point of DLL Errors

Xinstaller.dll errors are found during using a specific program, beginning your system or initiating any new program on your system.

Some of the Common DLL Error are

Xinstaller.dll file not found
Xinstaller.dll file missing
Essential component Xinstaller.dll missing


There are no fixed criteria as when and where one can encounter Xinstaller.dll related error. It can be during shut down, starting your system or even while updating your windows. In order to troubleshoot the problem with ease, keeping a tab on where Xinstaller.dll error occurred will make things simpler. 

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