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Steps to to Switch Recent items to the Left Pane of the File Explorer on Windows 10

In this article, you will learn the methods for how to add the Recent items folder to the left side of the File Explorer on Windows 10.

As you know, Windows 10 has not come with the Recent items you can see in collection by the default in the File Explorer. View in the below screenshot, there is no Recent items option to the left side of the explorer:

But Quick Access folder provides us the recent files which are located in the right pane. Actually, Recent items give you the option to open any files or folders very quickly and conveniently just in one click. It might be saved your important time and prevent from using the complicated method to open them. If you need to locate the Recent items to the left of File Explorer then follow this article carefully. Let's see how you can do.

How to switch Recent items to the left pane File Explorer on Windows 10

  • At first, you need to open run dialog box by clicking Windows and R buttons together.
  • Then type the following command in the same box:
  • And hit the Enter key.
  • When you put the above command, you will get Recent items windows on your screen like below:
  • There, you can use ALT + Up keys to open the parent folder of Recent items in the File Explorer.
  • On the Recent items folder, make right-click and choose Pin to Quick Access option.
That's it.
You don't need to reboot your PC to save them, but it automatically save.

If you want to see in more precise procedures follow - Delete Recent, Frequent from File Explorer on Windows 10

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