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Steps to Connect Cellular Network in Windows 10

If you have grabbed a new Windows 10 earlier on your PC then you may encounter the connection related problem. I mean to say that when you want to connect the Internet data on your PC then it may force you to wait for a long time to connect it. It may be you become the failure also after waiting a long time. There you will get fluctuate from this happening and come into the irritation mode. Due to which, you will spend a lot of extra time which is not necessary. Although, you will find a great help in this article How to Fix WiFi Missing or Not Working in Windows 10.

Now you should not have to worry about this because we have found its solutions and troubleshoot. From our experience, we have completely checked out this problem on our PC. Just, you need to go through a simple process to troubleshoot this happening and ready to use the Internet connection. Let's see how you can be overwhelmed this issue on your PC.

How to connect Internet Data on Windows 10

You should make sure that you have installed new Windows 10 proceed further steps below.

Step1: At first, you need to go on the desktop and click on the Network & Internet area which is located on the right bottom side of the taskbar.

Steps to Connect Cellular Network in Windows 10

Step2: From the left pane, choose the Cellular option and tap on Properties below to the Network name like Airtel, Vodafone, or etc.

Steps to Connect Cellular Network in Windows 10

Step3: Next, move the slider to ON from OFF just below the data connection label and get back by clicking on the back arrow from the top.

Steps to Connect Cellular Network in Windows 10

Step4: Tap on Show available connections link from the right pane under the Additional Settings.

Steps to Connect Cellular Network in Windows 10

Step5: Then, you will see Mobile Broadband region on the right side of the Windows and tap on the Network name.
Step6: Finally, press the Connect tab. You can also mark the check box Connect automatically if you do not want to do every time on your PC.
Wait for a few seconds in the connecting to the Internet.
That's it.

Now, you will see that you have got the internet connection on your Windows 10 PC. Hope you will not again get this issue if you have done above steps carefully.

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