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Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

Windows 10 Start Menu is very is very customizable and looks very attractive too. You can resize, Pin and Unpin apps and programs, resize apps, turn off live tile updates, change start menu and taskbar color, navigate to the properties of any program, add control panel applets and do so many things. We are hoping that the tech giant would continue to add more things over time but for this time, the list of customizations we have known. Here, we provide you some ways to customize the Start Menu in Windows 10 operating system. You can see a compilation of methods here Windows 10 Start Menu – Tips to Customize.

In this Windows 10 Start Menu tips, you will cognize all ways to customize and personalize it to make its look better and run your PC easier.

Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

Resize the Height of Start Menu

You can quickly and easily resize the height of Start Menu only by simply moving your mouse to the top edge of the Start Menu and resizing down.

Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

By resizing the height of Start Menu, it gives you to a broader field of view.

Pin and Unpin Tiles

Windows 10 start menu lets you pin and unpin All live tiles. This is also the quickest way to pin and unpin the app tiles on Windows 10. Here you have to only make Right Click on each one and select Unpin from the Start Menu. You can also drag them around to rearrange them.

 Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

Although, if the tile is not actually pinned to the Start Menu, you may use all the Apps view find them on the right side and make Right Click to Pin to Start from. You are also applicable to pin regular apps to the right-hand side.

Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu
List view on the right side of Start menu allows pin the apps to the Taskbar. From here, you and uninstall these apps easily.

Resize Live Tiles

If you want to change the size of the tiles then click Right button of the mouse on the tiles and choose the Resize option to pick a recommendable size as you want. The "Large" size is a little bit contemptible size but it all depends on your choice which is comfortable for you.

Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

By the way, this harness is a little dauby. Therefore, you can finish with the empty spaces if you want to put an odd number of app tiles.

Turn Off Live Tile Updates

Sometimes the Live tiles irritate you, however, in this you can turn off them by just Right Click on them and choose "Turn live tile off".

Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

Change Color of Start Menu and Taskbar

You can easily and simply alter the color of your Start Menu and Taskbar
r as well by Right-clicking at any empty space on Start Menu to choose the Personalize option.

Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

Color tab in settings application lets you change the color of the start menu.

Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

 You can remove any item from here by right clicking and selecting Remove from this list.

Methods to Customize Windows 10 Start menu

In fact, the Control Panel is interesting and attractive because you can use the Jump Lists to pin frequent sections into a folder that expands out. You could have a set of pinned websites inside the folder for the Internet Explorer.

Remove All the Live Tiles and Make it Look Like Windows 7

The best ways to customize the new Start Menu by just removing all the of the undesired live tiles and make them look more like Windows 7. To get this, you have to unpin all the items on the right side and put the items on the left side as you want ever. Then resize it down until it looks down. That's it.
We are hoping that these all tips sure helpful for you to get customize the Start Menu in the Windows 10.

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