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How to Declutter Windows 10 Desktop

After installing any application or moving to the next version of Windows create a huge deal of unwanted documents. In case these are not removed it causes slowing down of the system and that's very irritating as a user.

This problem actually comes up when the version comes old and is nearing to become obsolete. It is, in simple words, very very necessary to maintain a clean and clear working environment basically while working with something critical.

How to Declutter Windows 10 Desktop

There are actually very simple ways to Declutter your Windows 10 Desktop. They are - Removing the Built-in Applications, Removing the Unused Applications, Cleaning the Taskbar, Unpinning Apps from Start menu Tiles view, Removing the useless Shortcuts and Icons from Desktop, Cleaning the Quick actions in the Action Center, Deleting Temporary Files, Deleting the Obsolete Data, Disabling Services which are not required. To know how to proceed with the actions read here - 10 Ways to Declutter your Windows 10 Desktop

How to Declutter Windows 10 Desktop

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