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How to Solve BTServer.exe Error on Windows 10

While booting a Windows 10 PC you might have encountered the BTServer.exe Error. During this issue, a box suddenly flashes on the screen with the message. The application was unable to start correctly and attaches a stop code along with the message. This code results to the Blue Screen of Death but rarely does it harm the PC.

This is generally a Bluetooth related error or at times it may be a result of malware intrusions. Do not think that you may avoid this error because doing so may seriously harm the device. Some other reason for the device to behave like that a file which may be by mistakenly overwritten by corrupt or older version.

Running a disk scan will always help you to avoid such an error.

How to Solve BTServer.exe Error on Windows 10

There are four ways to fix the error - Uninstall and reinstall Bluetooth Driver, Install Pending Windows Update, Run windows Defender Security Center, System File Checker. Trying any of these four methods will definitely help you to troubleshoot the error. You can anytime tap on this link to know more about how to fix the error - 

How to Fix BTServer.exe Error in Windows 10

How to Solve BTServer.exe Error on Windows 10

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