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Ways to Turn On/Turn Off IPv6 in Windows 10

The most advanced version of the Internet protocol is IPv6 and now with the small change in the Registry keys is sufficient to turn on and off the same. The above-said protocol is most importantly held responsible for recognising and locating systems for computers working to the World Wide Web. Not only this, the protocol also works like the communicating agent for routing the web traffic online.

But this is something that many of the users d not wish to have because a few modems and routers do not support it. Along with that, it is held responsible for establishing a late connection to the resource as the host attempts first for IPv6, which fails, then for IPv4. After that, the IPv6 in Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 comes in touch this current situation and finally stops the starting connection effort.

Ways to Turn On/Turn Off IPv6 in Windows 10

The regedit command will help you reach the keys for the further work on this process. But, while working one needs to be extra careful as any small error in the registry, is very much capable of sending entire OS install to glitch. To know more about the topic pursue the guide - How to Disable/Enable IPv6 in Windows 10

Ways to Turn On/Turn Off IPv6 in Windows 10

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