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Workaround: Razer Synapse Not Detecting Mouse Error on Windows 10

 Razer Synapse is a popular manufacturer of gaming mouses but few users are reporting to find different error in this peripheral. For some of them, Mouse has stopped working and slow functioning, blinking and freezing. These errors make them sad because they by the device paying a considerable amount of money and find opposite result.  The most annoying error is Razer synapse not detecting Mouse.  during this is so is so the cursor becomes invisible so the uses are unable to play games, run a task, and prepare documents.

When they tried to contact Razer support system there was no satisfactory answer and they returned back disappointed.  Fortunately,  a solution is available on Reddit and taking its support we have written a guide to fix Razer synapse not detecting Mouse.  A lot of uses has complimented this thread scenes this issue has gone following the method.

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