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Best Google Maps Secrets and Tricks, Tips for Android

Routing and traveling to unknown place has just come on fingertips if you have Google Map apps on your Android handset. Google has made this one so furnished and usable that most of the people use this for navigation. Unfortunately, many don’t notice the latest updates and eventually miss some of the Best Google Map Secrets unknowingly. To acknowledge you about these Best Google Map Secrets, we found the need to focus on this app. We almost covered every magical thing here. Stay tuned for latest updates relating to this one and others.
11. Knowing details for business:

Best Google Maps Secrets and Tricks, Tips for Android

Google has released a new update to Google Maps a few days back. They made it amazing with the inclusion of the easiest feature, simplified navigation, and overall glazings look. Presenting you the Best Google Maps Secrets and Tricks below:

Google map users can ask questions and put their ideas too through the app.

Step-1: Launch Google map app from your Smartphone or Tablet and search any place you want to know about.

Step-2: Once found from the search result, tap it to open the details.

Step-3: From this page, scroll down slowly and reach up to “Question & answers”

Step-4: Tap “SEE QUESTIONS” options to review the questions asked by various users.

Step-5: If no one has asked any question and you are first to visit this, Touch the option “Ask the community” under “Question & answers” section. You will receive a notification once someone answers your question.

Step-6: If you want to put an answer of a quarry that someone put before, reach out to “See all questions” and type your ideas in the box provided after tapping Answer.

Step-7: Finally, if you think the question or answer is irrelevant and worthy to be edited or removed, tap the three dots menu beside a question and select “Edit” or “Delete”.

12. Earning Contribution points:

Google wants to make Maps resourceful and they need your help for reviewing, adding photos, asking questions and so on. In return, they are offering points so that you can increase your level and in the process can gain Local Guide benefits. Check the following instructions in this regard:

i. First, you have to SIGN UP for Local Guides following this link. If you have already a registered Google account on your phone, you need to select the area only tapping “Select your city”

ii. Check the two options provided here and tap the SIGN-UP option. You will be guided to Local Guide utility page where you can see your level and current points.

iii. In order to earn points, Follow the below points:

1. Tap Hamburger menu from app home page and select “Your contributions” option.

2. Open the “Contribute tab” and put your reviews, post photos, ask questions and answer.

iv. To check your points from contribution, follow the same method above to reach up to “Your contributions” and tap your name or photo. If you earn any badges, you will be able to see them at the bottom of this page. Therefore this has become one of the best Google Map Secrets nowadays.

Best Google Maps Secrets and Tricks for Android

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