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Ways to Reformat Windows 10

Sometimes Windows starts malfunctioning and everything goes wrong and you desperately start turning every stone to know How to Reformat Windows 10. Reformatting usually means to reset the operating system. Unfortunately, it involves the removal of everything from windows and that is pretty harmful as well as time consuming as you have to move all the necessary items. Microsoft is well smart at the same time keen to users’ effort hence they have introduced reformatting your Windows 10. Using default setting app or accessing boot menu, we can easily get the job done. We will provide necessary thoughts about How to Reformat Windows 10 in the following article.

Ways to Reformat Windows 10

Among these, using Reset this PC, we can reformat windows 10. Another way is to avail this option is to select if from Boot menu. However, here are the methods in a nutshell.

Note: Clicking “Keep my files will remove the installed third party programs from windows and leave the personal files untouched. Alternatively, if you select "Remove everything", you are going to delete the whole including apps, settings, and personal files. Therefore, choose carefully from these options. See the method here -

How to Reformat Windows 10

Ways to Reformat Windows 10

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