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Fix: OOBE Error in Windows 10

Windows in the process of installation introduce you Out-of-box experience system to let you have the knowledge about the version. You get a sequence of screens that helps you to accept the license terms and conditions, connect to the network, sign up for or log in with a Microsoft Account. But sometimes, you encounter error on the OOBE aka  Out-of-box experience preventing you from accessing your desktop. The error messages you may see during the setting up process are such as OOBEIDPS Error Something went wrong, OOBEREGION, OOBEKEYBOARD, OOBESETTINGSMULTIPAGE, OOBEEULA, OOBEAADV10, OOBELOCAL. Some of the issues are hard to resolve whereas other may be fixed only after a simple restart of the PC. However, you can fix all of the errors easily by following the articles -

  1. Fix: OOBE Error in Windows 10
  2. Fix: OOBEIDPS Error Something Went Wrong in Windows 10
  3. Fix: OOBEREGION and OOBEKEYBOARD Error in Windows 10
  4. Fix: OOBESETTINGSMULTIPAGE Error in Windows 10
Fix: OOBE Error in Windows 10

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