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How to Restrict Change of Start Menu Layout Windows 10

You always take care of your personal computer and don't feel good when others tamper with its components. To lessen intervene we have earlier written few articles, for example, Tweak Group Policy Editor Disable Lock Screen.

Apart from this, many users are deadly fond of its default color of Windows 10 Start menu they intend to keep it applied continuously here and restrain people from substitution. So we are elaborating ahead to  Restrict Change of Start Menu Layout Windows 10.

Way to Restrict Changing Start Menu Background Windows 10

Step-1: The process will be thoroughly performed via Group policy editor, hence, access it by writing gpedit.msc in the taskbar search and selecting Edit group policy at the top.

Step-2: Once the Group policy editor console spreads out on the screen, follow the below-given path -
Computer Configuration => Administrative Template => Control Panel => Personalization
Step-3: Perform a right-click on the policy setting named Force a Specific Start background and on the right-click context menu select Edit.

Step-4: Force a Specific Start background Policy Settings wizard emerges on the screen. At first, check the radio box before choice Enabled located in the middle.

Step-5: Move towards the Options flank in the lower-left portion. You notice a drop-down having Background ID 0.

If you leave the ID 0 as it is the default background for the Start menu will be applied.

If you change the Background ID like 1, 2, 3, and so on, the color assigned to the ID will be applied.

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