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How to open Recycle bin in Windows 11 (Easiest ways)

When you remove any of your files from the computer, the system stores them in its dedicated trash application so that you can get them back if needed. Recycle bin does the same in Windows OS. Whenever a file gets removed by mistake, you can open this trash application to look for the deleted item and opt for the option that allows restoring the file. Generally, recycle bin remains present on the desktop. But if it doesn't, there are other ways to open Recycle bin in Windows 11 as well.

Recycle Bin usually doesn't go missing on its own. In most cases, wrongly configured settings, faulty Windows 11 updates, and invalid registry keys make the icon disappear. However, the missing icon doesn't point out that recycle bin doesn't exist in the OS anymore. There is a high chance that the trash application of Windows has been moved elsewhere either intentionally or unintentionally. If so, you can restore the same to access the application right away from the desktop or try out other ways to open recycle bin.

How to open Recycle bin in Windows 11

How to open Recycle bin in Windows 11

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