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16 Ways to open Settings in Windows 11

 With times, Microsoft is trying to enrich the Settings app so that you don't have to rely on other applications to control how your system will look and work. To do so, this time the tech giant put a big effort and redesign Settings app for Windows 11. The application is sleeker, organized, and feature-rich compared to previous versions of Windows. In the new Settings app, navigation panes have been added in place of the dashboard which lets you access available categories faster than before. The left sidebar includes all the categories where the right one subsumes foldable sections with all the options you might need to modify.

Though Settings app in Windows 11 is quite different from earlier versions, methods of accessing the app are almost same. In this context, we will describe all plausible ways to launch the application from using keyboard shortcuts to navigating file explorer. Without further ado, let's see How to open Settings in Windows 11.

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How to open Settings in Windows 11 – 16 Ways

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